BACKGROUND: Worked as freeland musician in 1970s, Returned to school in 00s at University of
Newcastle, where he graduated with B.Mus. (Hons) in 2009. Enrolled in post-graduate research program,
and graduated with Ph.D. in composition in 2018. Worked as band musician playing jazz/lounge 2008-
2017 around Newcastle, NSW. Volunteer announcer at Noosa FM 2017-2018.

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: Fifty years ago Frank Zappa said, “ Jazz wasn’t dead; it just smelled
funny.” These days there are a lot of sub genres to jazz: nu jazz, latin jazz, soul jazz, acid jazz, new soul,
new funk, jazztronika. These must be the kinds of jazz that smells funny. So I’ve taken Frank Zappa at his word and
called the program Odorama, and each week I play tracks from each of these jazz subgenres.