Commenced at the station in May 2014. Has been on Saturday timeslot ever since. Moved full time to the area March same year and along with his wife Lynne of 30yrs enjoys the ups and downs of a hobby farm. Adrian is currently self employed but along the way has gained 20yrs of small business experience. Adrian’s been semi retired for a while and enjoys the laid back lifestyle. This enabled him to give back to community whilst broadening his horizon. Still loves the original game of cricket. Fortunately he has two boys Darrel and Con (also a presenter) who help out on the farm where required. He has a passion for animals in general but Raptors are his favourite.


In recent times Adrian rediscovered the importance of music in life and also the role it plays in other people’s lives. “When life is a struggle and things aren’t going well music can ease the burden”. People like to feel part of something and you can make a difference to their lives. You have an opportunity to provide direction or hope. ”